SAFastTrack Prices – Don’t Pay £15 to see if you want to use them

I recently looked for a renewal service as I was in a bit of a pinch. After looking at the reviews and everyone raving about it, I thought I’ll bite the bullet. I paid my £15 and logged in. After logging in I realised that their prices are quite expensive and I’m not willing to pay that amount unless I absolutely have to.

Fair enough, I guess you can charge whatever you want for your services, but I feel it’s a bit of a scam charging people to decide if they actually want to, or in some cases can afford to, use their services. So don’t get ripped-off and pay £15 find the January 2014 prices below.


11 thoughts on “SAFastTrack Prices – Don’t Pay £15 to see if you want to use them

  1. Thank you so much for the helpful information! I also wouldn’t be willing to pay this much :O And, their decision to charge potential customers for access to information regarding their services certainly doesn’t help improve my LOW opinion of them.

  2. I absolutely agree. I too was ripped off!!! Paid the £15.00 registration fee only to find out that they want $512 NZD for a police clearance plus $25.00 service fee!!!! This is exorbitant !!!

  3. I would very strongly advise anyone AGAINST using SA fast Track’s services. I applied for a passport back in September 2014 and paid the full amount of over £500 to have my passport in 2 weeks as I had a very important business trip. I am still waiting for a passport and SA Fast Track refuse to reply to emails or refund me as outlined in their T&c’s . I had to apply for a renewal of passport myself after waiting over 2 months which I received through SA Home Affairs. SA Fast Track are unreliable, they lie and have no control over these applications. The service they outline on their website is not what they deliver! Even the agents at Home Affairs strongly advised me against using them as well. I would not waste the money or time on their services!

  4. I too got ripped off, absolutely fuming!! I cannot believe it, they have refused to refund my joining fee, and have not answered my questions as to why people have to pay a joining fee to find out the prices! Totally ripping desperate people off, in more ways than one!

  5. Thanks so much for posting this, I was just about to register with SA fast track as a last resort in attempt enlist their help to track my passport. Such a shame that their isn’t any immigration support for South African expats in UK, these people know that and just prey on our desperation :-/.
    Cheers again for the scam alert!!

  6. SA Fast Track is a SCAM!!!! I was desperate and paid for the ‘premium service’ at a premium price of £350 and surprise surprise the fraudsters did not deliver!! When I paid the £15 joining fee, I received a lot of follow-up emails and calls from them and I very naively completed an application and paid the huge fee £350. After payment, no emails or correspondence received. My emails and calls continues to get no response. I am still waiting for my documentss which theyshould have delivered a month ago in terms of their service agreement. Im soooooo angry with myself for believng in this scam. I know I will not see my refund in terms of their T&C’s. Do not use them. The testimonials they use are fake and everything they stand for is one big lie!!!!

  7. Hi Charles Botha. Thank you for the message you have written here. We have been notified by travelstart of this feedback.

    To be honest “Charles” we don’t have you or your email address in our data base as a client, or as a previous client.

    I would certainly like for you to get in contact with us regarding the experience you write about. Send us an email (You will have our email address) and you can make the email subject Attn Martin and I will then get in contact you.

    I can 100% assure we are a registered vendor with Home Affairs and I would happily discuss this with you if you would give your REAL name for “SCAM” accusations as above.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.


    • Dear Martin

      Perhaps you can help me out I sent this email yesterday and subsequently have had no response and now also the phone number I had for your company has also been disconnected?

      Your response would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind Regards

      Kelly Jackson


      Dear Dean, Carmyn and Xani

      I am writing to you all, as I have no idea who is currently handling my case, by the timelines we are now facing, I have to assume that NO ONE is the answer to that question…….

      I have submitted 2 applications with your company coming to a grand total of £1239.10 details below:
      Vault copy of my birth certificate – applied and paid for on the 29th December 2014 (4 – 8 weeks)
      My sons – foreign birth registration (6-8 weeks) – submitted and paid for on the 17th of February 2015
      My sons – Unabridged birth certificate and passport (8 weeks) – submitted and paid for on the 17th of February 2015

      Sad to say that I have received NONE of the above from yourselves! I have called your offices (all of you individually) about 100 times over the last few months and between my husband and myself have been assured BY ALL OF YOU that our application is well under way and is a priority to you. But yet we still, as of today have nothing to show for our patience and understanding of the numerous excuses you have all given us e.g. Load shedding, moving systems in the DOH offices etc.

      The most disappointing part of this whole experience is that lack of communication from you all as to what is going on – at the moment Carmyn is completely ignoring my emails and phone calls and Dean you just say that I need to speak to either Carmyn or Xani. Xani who I spoke to you last week and kindly asked you to keep me in the loop on where we are at as you needed to get more specific info from your connection at home affairs and again I have heard NOTHING?

      My husband and I have been more that understanding that unforeseen things happen but at this point we are in a serious predicament as to what to do next. My natural inclination is to hit social media with the biggest anti SA FAST TRACK CAMPAIGN ever.

      So I beg of you to come back to us on the status of our application – no nonsense just honesty?

      Dean I would appreciate a response from you on how we have paid you a fortune for a service that we simply have not received…. Is this not considered theft? And to date you have not once offered a apology or compensation for the HORRIFIC service we have received.

      It goes without saying that I would like a update today.


      Kelly Jackson

      +971 55 248 9443

  8. Thanks for the valuable information. The problem is that I’ve been trying for months to get my abridged birth certificate from SA to apply for citizenship in NZ. I am more than willing to pay for a service that can help me but at the moment I am lost. Can anyone give me some advice?

  9. My advice is – DO NOT USE THEM!!! I applied for my birth certificate in March this year and paid for a 9 working day service costing an eye watering £379, and its now going onto 3 months and still waiting. You get no updates from them and all emails go unanswered. Furtherore, I contacted Home Affairs last week and they say no application has been submitted for me!!! I feel totally scammed and not surprising all requests for refund also gets ignored. They may be a registered company with loads of ‘glowing’ testimonials on their website, but dont be fooled as they will steal your money!!!

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