iPhone 4 – Cost Comparison In The UK

I have been struggling to decide what package and network to choose when I upgrade to the new iPhone 4. In the UK the three main competitors are O2, Vodafone and Orange, all of them have their own perks and downsides on their iPhone packages.

So I thought I’ll do some simple calculations to determine the actual cost, i.e annual and total cost vs. buying the handset cash.

All Prices Based on iPhone 4 32GB

UPDATE: I updated the prices for O2 to include Simplicity Sim’s options. The are also calculated over 18 months to make a apples to apples (pardon the pun) comparison to the pay monthly options available.
Explanation of columns and calculations

Minutes Number of inclusive minutes
Texts Number of inclusive texts
Data Number of inclusive megabytes to be used on 3G, EDGE or GPRS
Wi-FI Number of inclusive megabytes to be used on service provider wi-fi networks not your wi-fi at home
Monthly Your monthly contribution
Once-Off What you need to pay upfront for your handset when taking delivery of your iPhone 4
Total This is the total cost of ownership. (Monthly x # Months) + Once-Off
Per Year Weighted the Total cost based on number of months to get a figure to compare plans on different months